Nadeshda Hernandez - Psychotherapist, Child Counselor, Couples CounselorNadeshda Hernandez
Marriage and Family Therapist
MFT License #89895
  • Is your child acting out or just plain miserable?
  • Inexplicably feeling unhappy in your relationship?
  • Need relief from crippling anxiety or depression?

Take the first step to feeling better: let me help you.

I am a Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA. I can help you and your loved ones get to the root of the problem and heal.

Whether your child is suffering, you’re fighting with your spouse, or you find anxiety or depression taking control of your life, I am here for you.

There is hope. You can feel better.

Call me at (909) 241-8790 for a free consultation.

Teen & Child Therapy Services: Help Your Child Feel Better

Your child can feel better…once his/her previously confusing needs have been met. Only then, will you see progress in their behavior. Read about my teen & child therapy services to learn more about how I can help or call (909) 241-8790 for a free consultation.

Couples Counseling: Find the Spark & Rekindle Your Lost Love

Enjoying each other’s company less? Feel a tightening knot at the pit of your stomach as you brace yourself for a dreaded comment from your spouse? Let’s bring defenses down and help you take a risk in discovering safe love. You can read more about my couples therapy services to learn how I can help you, or just call me today at (909) 241-8790 for a free consultation.

Individual Therapy: Overcome Anxiety, Depression, & More

Explore your way to release that seemingly unshakable black cloud of depression from your life, which prevents you from enjoying it. Find your way to release the crippling grasp anxiety may have over your life; reverse increasing terror to rising freedom to be you and live your life the way you deserve.

You can read more about my depression therapy services and anxiety treatment services, or you can call me today at (909) 241-8790 for a free consultation.