Nadeshda Hernandez, Marriage & Family Therapist, Child Counselor, Couples counselor, in Long Beach, CANadeshda Hernandez
Marriage and Family Therapist
License #89895

Why choose Nadeshda Hernandez as your psychotherapist?

I have extensive experience in successfully working with children who feel hurt and/or seek attention and love through aggression, tantrums, irritability, and crying spells. I love working with teenagers, guiding them in their rather difficult transition from childhood to adulthood as they all too often feel lost and they isolate, lash out, or simply become estranged. Ideally, much of this work (with minors) is done in a conjoint effort with their caregivers.

I have helped many people reach a satisfactory-to-them place in their lives whether we battled depression, anxiety, anger management, or other challenges, which were at the core of unfavorable symptoms such as lack of energy, headaches, trouble sleeping, trouble relating to other people, substance abuse, etc. Further, I help couples who are ready to help themselves and each other, whatever that means for them.

Above all, I am a fellow human being with great passion for what I do. I believe I am a handy tool in many people’s paths to reach the next step they are ready to take in their life journey. I am here to help others regain hope by listening, providing an emotionally safe environment, facilitating for others to see the good and potential in themselves and their loved ones, guiding people to explore new ways of facing challenges even when these alternate ways may feel uncomfortable due to their newness. You will decide if I am the vessel for you at this junction in your life. I welcome you!