Family Therapy Services in Long Beach

I provide individual and family therapy services in Long Beach. I work with children, adolescents, couples, and individual adults.

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Teen & Child Therapy Services

Child and Teen Counseling

Children are beautiful…responsibilities. They want the same thing we all do: to be loved and understood. We start off with so many wonderful plans for them. Then come milestones and speed bumps. That’s where we often doubt ourselves whether we are new parents or seasoned ones.

You might think, “My style worked just fine for the rest of my children,” or “when I was growing up…” All children are different, and situations evolve. We can all use a helping hand at some point in our lives, even if it involves finding new ways to bond with and guide our little ones.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Parent Child Interaction Therapy helps kids aged 2-7 and their parents. It’s used to treat disruptive behavioral problems like Oppositional Defiant disorder and Conduct Disorder. It combines play therapy, behavioral therapy, and parent training to help a parent more effectively discipline a child while simultaneously improving their relationship.

Play Therapy

Play therapy helps resolve psychological and social difficulties so that your child can grow and develop more fully. It helps children address and resolve their own problems, and provides a softer touch and helping them learn to better communicate.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of talk therapy that treats a wide range of problems. Whether your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, conduct disorder / oppositional defiant disorder, CBT may be able to help.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)

TFCBT helps children 4 to 18 reduce unwanted results of trauma such as nightmares, trouble focusing, excessive crying, angry outburst, etc. as they reach a point of feeling safe around the subject of single or complex trauma history, whether it be physical or sexual abuse, witnessing domestic violence, and other very scary and/or confusing experiences.

Incredible Years (IY)

IY helps children learn social, academic, and emotional development. This form of therapy helps children ages 3-8 reduce irritability, tantrums, fears, crying spells, and other undesired behaviors through positive parenting skills that I use with children and coach parents to apply.

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Couples Counseling Services

Couples Counseling Services for a Happier Relationship

Human relationships are complex. The closer we allow people to get to us, the greater the risks and rewards become. We gain greater opportunity to grow and learn, but face increased vulnerability, which can be very scary. When our fears are frequently triggered in romantic relationships, communication and collaborative problem solving may necessitate new tools. Even if we didn’t learn or get enough practice with these growing up, there’s still hope! You can feel safe, loved, and understood by your spouse or partner.

Can Couples Counseling Save Your Relationship?

  • Do you not feel heard in your relationship?
  • Do you and your partner always argue?
  • Does it feel like there’s a wall between you and your partner?
  • Has passion has left your relationship?

There’s still hope. Couples counseling can break down barriers to your communication and to your love for one another.

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Depression: A Woman Struggles to Regain Hope

Unfortunately, many of us grow up in very scary or confusing contexts. This can lead to depression. All too often, we don’t even realize we’ve been through trauma or that we’ve been pushing ourselves to “forget the past, get over it, and move forward.” The truth is, facing and working through it will allow us to move forward more organically.

The pain involved can make depression difficult to deal with. If we have developed a hard shell, we may find ourselves irritable and easily angered without the ease of crying as a form of relief. Come discover your way to love and understand yourself, and realize that others can love and understand you too.

Having your depression treated may help alleviate some symptoms of depression like:

  • feeling sad, empty, or worthless
  • feeling hopeless, pessimistic, or helpless
  • trouble feeling joy
  • sleep disturbances & appetite changes
  • feeling worthless or guilty
  • feeling sluggish, distracted, or otherwise less alert

You can learn more by visiting the NIH’s Depression page.

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Anxiety, Man Suffering From

Butterflies in our stomach can turn into a nightmare. Nervousness can be so severe that fears become paralyzing and controlling. Our body can tell us that something is wrong and we need to take it easy; it does so via a headache, stomachache, sweaty palms, nausea, trouble sleeping, etc.. Sometimes, we may not even be aware of our fears and how these are affecting our bodies; we simply feel sick “for no apparent reason.” Ironically, in our fast society, it will take some work to be able to relax your body and mind.

I can help you overcome your affliction, freeing you from some symptoms of anxiety you may be experiencing:

  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • insomnia & fatigue
  • difficulty concentrating
  • planning your life around your fears
  • that sense of impending doom that creeps up on you from seemingly out of nowhere

You can learn more by visiting the NIMH’s Anxiety Disorder information page.

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